KOWZU Nakaba

Born in Takarazuka City, Hyogo Prefecture. Graduated from Kuwazawa Design School.


2016.04 Solo exhibition at Enatsu Gallery, Tokyo
2016.03 Launch: GRAVITY, Kowzu’s original jewelry brand Mitsukoshi Department Store, Nihonbashi, Tokyo.
2015.04 Selected for the cover of the Swarovski International Official Tiara Book
2014.09 Launch of original “Gem Seeker” series using Swarovski natural and synthetic stones.
2014.06 Tokyo Starman’s Club launched, with astronaut Naoko Yamazaki
2012 Setting: interior for Cocon, hairdresser in Ginza, Tokyo
2011.11 Exhibition: booth at Red Dot, Miami Art Fair
2011.03 Exhibition: booth at Red Dot, New York Art Fair
2010 Launch: The CHORD, unit in collaboration with journalist Kenji Goto – exhibitions in Tokyo, Nagasaki and Takamatsu.
2009 Release: “Place where stars are created,” poems, pictures and music (plus solo exhibition).
2007 Release: “Silent Code,” science fiction, images and music (plus solo exhibition).
2006 Release: “Precious Blur,” book of photos, collection of light from jewelry.

Artist’s message

I guess a quite few people would say their favorite color is blue.

The word ‘blue’ did not even exist before the Middle Ages.
So blue has only been a popular color for less than 1000 years.

Historically, the color blue has been treated as a secret and something noble, in particular it was chosen as the color for illustrations of the Virgin Mary and King Arthur.

I don’t know why, but I feel tranquil when I’m around blue. And that tranquility invites me to the eternity of the universe.

This exhibition, “recollection of blue,” is based on my poem entitled, “Place where stars are created.” The show contains scenes of a star creating other stars and letting them depart to the universe. Tiny new-born stars are leaving their mother star. That’s how all stars start their long journey to convey profound life to somebody somewhere.

I would be happy if you could feel the chains of life in universe in the eternal gradations of the color blue in this exhibition.

-Nakaba Kowzu