ABE Sayoko
"In the Name of the Flower"

2018.6.23 [Sat] - 7.16 [Mon]

“Learning the name of a flower makes us feel close to the flower.”

Fresh buds appear, bloom charmingly and eventually the colors fade. Abe conveys every stage of the beauty of flowers. Now her latest oils and watercolors, expressing her fine young sensitivity, show their brilliant colors in the garden of Tir na nog.

Exhibition Outline

ABE Sayoko "In the Name of the Flower"

Date: 2018.6.23 [Sat] - 7.16 [Mon]

Opening hours:Tue – Sun、13 – 19pm

Closed on:Monday


Opening reception

2018.6.23 [Sat] 17:00 – 19:00

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